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Group Travel Blog in North America

Traveler’s Guidebook: 3 Essential Things You Need to Consider Before Booking a Hotel

Of course, part of traveling is choosing a place to stay in. A place where you can feel comfortable to relax after a long day of strolling. Which is why you have to be careful when choosing a hotel you … Continue reading

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4 Smart Tips to Find Cheap Accommodation

When you are traveling, do you want to spend most of your money on activities that you enjoy and not on your accommodations? However, where you stay and sleep at night is a major fixed travel expense, so how do … Continue reading

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Traveling with Your Family Made Easy

One of the hardest parts about traveling with your entire family is finding a hotel that has enough rooms to accommodate everyone at an affordable price. This can involve months of searching and frequent moments of frustration. However, LSP Groups … Continue reading

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Booking Rooms for a Group Made Easy

When you are planning a vacation, a business event, or some kind of trip where a large group will be accompanying you, it can be very difficult to find the rooms you need through conventional means. LSP Groups & Expos … Continue reading

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Welcome to LSP Groups & Expos LLC Booking hotels for your groups and events doesn’t have to be stressful. With LSP Groups & Expos LLC, we can help you book hotels without any hassle! Trust us to find the best … Continue reading

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