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5 Questions to Ask for a Successful Hotel Group Booking

5 Questions to Ask for a Successful Hotel Group Booking

You’ve finally done it – you’ve finally gathered your family members to book that family group trip that you have always wanted to go to.

If you are in charge of arranging your travel accommodations, finding a place that can accommodate your group can be challenging. LSP Groups & Expos LLC, an expert in group hotel reservations in Fredericksburg, Virginia, can help you.

To make sure that your great vacation memories aren’t replaced by unexpected costs or an experience that didn’t quite meet your standards, here are 5 questions that you should ask for your hotel group bookings:

  1. Does the price reflect all of the fees and taxes?
    If you don’t want to be met by unexpected hotel charges, this is a very important question that you should ask. There might be booking fees, cleaning fees, resort fees, and other hidden charges and taxes. Ask if the price quote that was given to you includes all of those. If it doesn’t include other charges, ask if the added fees can be waived.
  2. Is the hotel family friendly?
    When you are traveling with your family and there are little children included, asking this question is a definite must. After all, you want to make sure that there are children-friendly services available, such as cribs, children’s menu, lifeguards on duty, and so on.
  3. Is parking included in the room rate?
    Many hotels fail to mention that when you arrive, parking will have an additional charge per night and that there is nowhere else to park for miles. Inquire if the parking fee is already part of the room rate you’re paying. If it is not, ask if they are offering any vouchers on discounted or free parking.
  4. Can all rooms be next to each other? Does this room have a connecting room?
    If your group can’t be accommodated in a single room, ask if your rooms can be next to each other. This way, you and your family can still stay close to each other even if you aren’t all in one room. Most families tend to choose connecting rooms too, so make sure to ask if there are any such rooms available.
  5. What is your check-in time? What is your check-out time?
    To ensure that you don’t check-in late, make sure to ask the hotel about their check-in time. Also, don’t forget to ask their check-out time as well to avoid additional charges for overstaying in your hotel room(s).

We hope you have a fun and memorable trip with your family! If you need Hotel Booking and Reservation in Washington, D.C., please don’t hesitate to contact us for help.

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