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Make Sure You Ask These Questions Before Booking a Hotel for a Family Reunion


Planning a family reunion is fun, but getting a Group Hotel Accommodation in Fredericksburg, VA isn’t exactly easy. There are many things you have to consider such as:

  • Do they have free WIFI? 
    You have to admit. WIFI is one of the most important factors that will make you consider whether you would want to book a hotel or not.
    If you don’t ask, the younger generation in your family certainly will. Keep the needs of the family well-met by choosing a hotel that comes with free WIFI. Having WIFI at the hotel is a good way to keep everyone connected! Just think about the amounts of pictures you’ll take! Surely you’d want to share the fun memories you’ve spent during the reunion on social media too, right?
  • Can they provide something extra for your family reunion? 
    Perhaps they can set up a welcome sign at the entrance so that the guests will know that they have arrived at the right place. If they have a marquee available, then that’s even better. (Just make sure you have them write it down on the contract if they do agree to it.)
  • Are there any additional fees? 
    You have to be transparent when it comes to the costs.Ask them if there are any safety deposit fees, parking fees, pool rental fees, and any other fees you need to know of.
    Make sure you get a hold of this information so that you can tell your guests beforehand to prevent them from getting caught off guard.
  • Is the hotel willing to keep family rooms together? 
    Just imagine how it would be like if the hotel rooms are several floors apart.You would have to use the elevator at least a dozen times a day! Keeping your rooms together will put you at a better advantage for hosting your event.
    Don’t forget to ask if they have connecting rooms that can be used by big families with kids too.
  • Can they provide free transportation? 
    If you have an activity planned for the whole family at a separate venue, this service will come in handy. You will be able to start together on time and no one will end up getting lost, plus, it saves you some gas money too!
  • Is there a discount on the menu when you book block hotel rooms? 
    If you plan on getting a banquet at the hotel and you’ve booked 30 rooms or more, you can expect a discount. Some hotels can even offer a complimentary breakfast and other amenities!

Are you having some trouble with picking the right hotel for your family?
Then you should contact LSP Groups & Expos LLC. We offer Hotel Booking and Reservation in Fredericksburg, VA so you don’t have to worry about sifting through the different hotels in the area.

Just let us know what you are looking for in a hotel and we will handle it for you!

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